Gift Certificates
Our gift certificates can be redeemed for any of our products or service. These make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, graduations, or any special occasion. Give them to the business owner on your list, friends, family, babysitters, the list of possibilities is almost endless.

Certificates may be redeemed for products in our store, computer repair (distance limitations may apply), website design, search engine optimization, etc. If we sell it or provide the service, these can be used for it.

There are no fees with our gift certificates, and they can be redeemed in whole or it part at any time, up to two years from the date of purchase.
Payments through Paypal

$5 Gift Certificate


Great for those office party gifts!




$10 Gift Certificate


Perfect for giving your babysitter a tip!




$25 Gift Certificate


A wonderful gift for the graduate on your list !



$50 Gift Certificate


An excellent surprise for the happy newlyweds!




$75 Gift Certificate


Know someone with computer problems?




$100 Gift Certificate


Just right for the business owner on your list!



$250 Gift Certificate


Perfect for someone needing website maintenance!





$500 Gift Certificate


Ideal for a business owner needing to start a website!




$1,000 Gift Certificate


An astonishing and highly versatile gift!