What You Want
We work with your team using a series of interviews to learn what your goals are. Next we see what your target audience is, as well as any messages you intend for them. This is the phase where any restraints, including time and money, are determined. We will provide a detailed plan, including a timeline, to help you meet your objectives. 

Your Website's Look
Next we will move to the design phase, introducing you to a variety of colors and fonts that we feel will work for you. We will also show you our concept of what your new site will look like. Feedback from you is all-important, as your site becomes custom tailored for you. We can incorporate elements from your existing site, if you wish.

We will design an intuitive and simple navigation system, one which the user will find friendly and inviting.

Support in the Future
We provide a number of maintenance plans for your website, from our Design on Demand for regularly scheduled routine maintenance, on down to any last minute rush jobs you may have.

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