Internet Listing/Search Engine Submission Service
Global Marketing Enterprises has developed a cost effective way to improve your website rankings on several various search engines. We have developed a comprehensive process to ensure that more qualified prospects visit your web site.

Our search engine submission efforts lead to higher search engine rankings and improved visibility across all the major search properties, increasing your market reach and brand awareness. The value we provide is measured in increased conversions, a competitive advantage and increased returns on your internet investment.

There are over 60 million search engine users, we believe that businesses can achieve a more prominent position than was ever previously possible in the global economy by reaching out to these users.

We will list your domain name 40 of the top ranked search engines, and send ranking reports to your email on a quarterly basis

The Details
By subscribing to our listing service, your website can receive a significant increase in the amount of visitors. This service alone will enable you to reach a much greater audience than previously possible.

Selecting the proper keyword or phrases is critical in achieving high search engine rankings. The proper keywords should be relevant to the content on your website, and should be incorporated into the home page text.  We can help you determine which keywords are the most appropriate to your unique situation.

You'll receive four quarterly reports.  Initially, we will run a report and email it to you. Then we will submit your domain name and keywords to a minimum of 40 top ranked search engines. A follow up report will be sent to you every three months.

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