Custom Screensavers
One of the biggest problems a company faces is how to keep their message in front of potential buyers when they normally would be thinking of other things. A custom screensaver can solve that.

Your message can be integrated into a custom screensaver that you can give to customers and potential customers alike. We can put it onto a CD and ship it anywhere in the world for you, it can be downloaded from your website for free, or use your imagination because the sky is the limit!

Everyone likes a good screensaver, and with our pictures or yours, with your message or products, you can reach a phenomenal amount of people without any effort at all.  With screensavers, people will even send your advertisements to their friends!

Global Marketing Enterprises provides mal-ware free, 100% guaranteed safe screensavers that are great for internal company use, fund raising events, not for profit organizations, and more. We can also build custom, advertisement-free screensavers for you to sell on your own e-commerce website.

Our screensavers can be produced as a file that can be downloaded from your website or otherwise distributed electronically; or we can make professional quality CDs, like are sold in stores, complete with wrapped jewel cases and inserts.

Contact us today to see how affordably you can reach a seemingly unlimited number of prospects with almost no effort from you or your sales team.

Try One of Our Screensavers
Visit our online store to purchase screensavers to use on your personal computers.

Download a free screensaver sample of the Dakar Rally. - Free Sample

Check out our online store where you may download a free trial version of any screensaver that we have for sale

Note: 'Free Trials' will display 5 images only until an activation code is entered. An activation code may be obtained by buying the screensaver in our online store. The 'Free Screensaver Sample' above requires no activation code, shows all of its images, and does not expire.

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