We can provide custom wallpapers for your business or organization using your photos or our own. These can be used as give-aways to customers, something nice for employees to enjoy, a way of keeping current sales promotions or safety policies in front of your people, or simply to enhance brand recognition.

Contact us today to see just how inexpensive custom wallpapers can really be.

Below are some free wallpapers for you to enjoy. These may be copied and distributed as wallpapers free of charge as often as you like, as long as the copyright is left intact and the photos are not in any way altered. Any other use, commercial or otherwise, is strictly forbidden without prior written approval from Global Marketing Enterprises.

To download a free wallpaper:
1.Click on the image that you want.
2.A larger image will open. Right-click the larger image.
3.Click "Set as Background" or "Set as Wallpaper" depending on your operating system.













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